Founded in Dalian entrepreneurship support fund to solve the problem of entrepreneurs

for many entrepreneurs who, in the course of business early, capital is the people first need to consider an issue to the source of a stable and good social capital is an essential part of the whole social entrepreneurs for people.

What time can apply for venture funds to support

as one of Dalian city in March this year issued a new round of personnel policy innovation five policy documents, "Dalian city to strengthen the construction of business incubator platform to further promote the entrepreneurial talent clearly even in the entrepreneurial way", play the role of financial leverage funding through the market mechanism, the establishment of business support fund, set up the government, enterprises and banks the three party cooperation platform for financing and support development of enterprises in incubation.

the signing marks the Dalian city business support fund loan business officially launched. From now on, in line with the relevant conditions of entrepreneurs can apply for the support fund.

– venture funds to support the loan for entrepreneurial talent Incubation Platform founded in the municipal city of Dalian small and micro business enterprises, and meet the basic requirements of financial institutions for credit business.

– at the same time, to apply for loans to business enterprise shall provide financial institutions in line with the requirements of the security by not less than 40% of the proportion of the loan amount, the legal representative of the actual controller or principal shareholders shall assume joint responsibility to ensure that at the same time.

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