Sugar nest milk tea drinks join policy

now want to do a successful social catering brand, can not get rid of the two words "health". What is health, customers eat into the mouth is recognized after the health, no better than the health of consumers judge. Snacks, fast food so, even milk tea drink is also so.

sugar nest tea drinks is representative of brand health tea, fresh material, strict control, advanced technology is the guarantee of quality products. Sugar nest milk tea drinks, mouth smooth, classic, health, fashion, personality, consumer favorite, the market unpopular. So you want to start a small business friends may wish to open a sugar nest milk tea drinks shop, small investment, back to the fast, rich worry free.

sugar nest tea drinks from Hongkong, is the country’s first flagship health tea, fresh tea extract series, with a unique blending of tea bags, each with exclusive spell in the tea bag 20-30 rich in different varieties of tea, blending technology not only makes the quality and flavor of tea to drink more fine, the taste is also distinct levels, lips and teeth fragrant, very special.

with our exclusive extraction technology, can help you in a minute to produce fresh healthy tea, sugar tea nest is completely "Zero Zero Zero cream, fruit powder, pigment, pure natural drink add zero".

sugar nest milk tea drink join policy:

1, shop support: headquarters to provide professional and technical training, giving open sugar nest milk tea drinks shop professional equipment, shop promotional items, special clothing, decoration and supply of raw materials VI cd.

2, marketing support: headquarters to provide a full range of marketing support, tailored for each store marketing policy, and regularly inspect and guide the operation, timely adjustment of marketing.

3, market support: sugar nest tea beverage has many large business partners, each partner can share the nest sugar tea drinks market resources, and a series of perfect customer service service system, from all your menace from the rear.

4, service support: headquarters site training, business training, guidance, store decoration services, raw materials for customer service delivery service and the profit space, the retail price system headquarters to give sugar nest franchisee guide tea shop, let you worry free operation.

5, Follow-up Technology: sugar nest milk tea drinks merchants headquarters to provide a steady stream of new product technology and other follow-up support, always lead the new wave of delicious consumer flow direction.

6, business district protection: in accordance with the principle of protecting the interests of the investment interests of sugar nest milk tea drinks, strictly control the number of stores and

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