What are the selling points to attract customers

even if the "selling points" are not, in the current consumption can have so many choices under the market environment, but also how to attract more customers, so that the shop business is more prosperous? So If you want to shop business is booming, you need to develop more selling points". So, what are the selling points to attract customers?

"selling point" refers to the product with distinctive features, and the selling point can be a product of the innate, can also be created by the marketing planning of the imagination. Selling point is actually the reason consumers buy products, the best selling point is the most powerful consumer reasons. Explore and enlarge the selling point of the product can be conducive to product sales, creating a unique shop features. The selling point of the product can be excavated from the following aspects:

1, quality selling point

can be done on the quality and grade of the product. Quanjude roast duck is more expensive than the roast duck in the small restaurant, but there are still a lot of people to eat. This is because it takes the old secret recipe as a selling point, after the roast duck will be the scene into 108 pieces, not much, the quality of service has become a selling point. Of course, it is not necessary to do high-grade high-quality, low-end products are sometimes a selling point.

A manufacturer of

products to foreign enterprises take umbrellas, but not popular. The company may feel that it is not enough from the grade of the raincoat, so the use of high cost of raw materials to create stylish beautiful raincoat, the results are still no one cares. After it has been suggested that now few people are willing to take the raincoat out, as the production of disposable raincoat quality is low, people buy out convenient to throw away, after the listing of the raincoat was popular, the quality can be discarded in order to sell it cheap.

2, price selling point

according to the target customer’s consumption level, the price as a selling point is also a good choice. Some people like conspicuous consumption, high prices can highlight their wealth, status. The diamond encrusted cell phone is the same as the normal one. The price is much higher, but the customer is attracted by this high price. While others are as long as the more practical the cheaper the better, so cheap clothes, shoes do not emphasize the quality, focus on playing the price card on it.

3, color selling point

color can successfully create a selling point. Such as watches, almost all manufacturers have to make quality of selling, Swiss movement, decades of absolute time, and a watch manufacturers to watch colorful do a selling point, paid more attention to decorative young love.

4, cultural selling point

is not a foreign product

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