About the metaphor of a cup to bring entrepreneurial inspiration

read the article, you must be a lot of inspiration, especially when you are ready to start, because the following contains some entrepreneurial wisdom in it, it can make a business or business people have to see their products to enhance the space in the depth is not to be missed. A lot of inspiration.

this is not order value innovation of the tragedy, only sell the use value of the product itself.

The function extension of

went on, we add, sell products market segments, sell 188 yuan / or not. If you will have the function of magnetic therapy health care cup printed on your twelve zodiac, and ready for fashion lovers gift set, named "in pairs" or "for the birthday, enduring as the universe" lovers, sold 188 yuan /   for, definitely want to buy each other for what birthday gift and small the young are racking their brains after you pay the money back also did not forget to say "thank you", the value innovation is the product of the market segments.

if we then has the function of health care couples Zodiac package made of three kinds: a kind of packaging it is affordable, 188 yuan /; second is fine, selling 238 yuan / pair; third is the deluxe, selling 288 yuan / on. To be sure, the last sale of the fire is certainly not 188 yuan / benefits of loading, but the $238 / beautifully loaded, which is the value of the product packaging innovation.


and some seasoned business tycoon, or hit off the rookie resourceful operation >

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