Shandong invested nearly 90 million to build a business platform for 54

public service platform is an entrepreneurial support project in recent years. In the major entrepreneurial base, the hardware and software facilities readily available, entrepreneurs can also enjoy a variety of entrepreneurial policies and financial assistance.

assigned to hatch entities, entrepreneurship and stable employment to absorb other indicators to meet the requirements of the provincial and provincial demonstration base business incubator venture demonstration park, Shandong province will give 3 million and 2 million yuan in prize money up. In addition, each additional 1 entrepreneurial entities and entrepreneurship or stable employment of more than 5 people, Shandong have the corresponding incentives, the maximum subsidy funds of not more than $5 million. To direct the purchase or lease of real estate development has been idle as a demonstration base business incubator and entrepreneurial demonstration park, premium standards can be increased to 10 million yuan each.

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