Winter to warm business began to fire

now the weather is a cold like a day, so many new business opportunities and began to emerge, in the winter, business began to fire, so in the winter of 2012, "what are the warm opportunities? Let Xiaobian to give you time analysis!

1, heating appliances

winter what most profitable business venture? Days of cold weather heating appliances especially hot, in a home appliance stores, many consumers in the crowd of electric heating products counter, carefully asked all kinds of electric heater performance and price. A buy hrj lady said: "the family has the old man and the child, buy an electric heater placed in the home, the elderly and children when bathing is not easy to cold cold; usually can drive away the cold, and the way to the wet clothes to dry, it is very convenient and practical."

2, quartz infrared portable heater

3, a new type of foot warmer

Product: the product has the following characteristics, one is energy saving and environmental protection, the actual power consumption of 0.2 degrees per hour; two is the automatic temperature adjustment by constant temperature air conditioning design principle, set reasonable temperature, any clothing can be assured of drying (forbidden water drops); three is the isolation layers made of alloy mesh log and massage bead plate of double-layer isolation heating tube, don’t worry about the high temperature burn. The price of the product is 68-88 yuan / Taiwan, the market price of about 180 yuan / taiwan.


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