What skills can be taken in the coffee shop management

management work in the current development of entrepreneurship has a very important role, if we want to make their own business to get a better long-term development, nature also need to grasp more management skills. So, what are the techniques that can be used in the management of coffee shops? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

uses coffee religion to manage the team

A culture

called coffee cafe religion is advocated, and this is our own cafe culture, the specific operation point of view is that the management team led to the boss, what, what beliefs worship what guiding principles and beliefs. Advocating technology? Advocate professional? Then take part in the coffee competition, do more skill training, and do more coffee knowledge.

advocating happiness? Keep smiling, keep smiling and keep a positive attitude. Of course, can also be diversified to advocate other ideas, such as simple, sincere, natural, etc., the key words, the boss led by the management team, unlimited expansion to other members, the formation of corporate culture.

things with process management

Here is the

process management, the management of managers, from its start, the hand and teach every new employee, and gradually set an example so that each employee knows the process, in other words, will do, will do it according to the process. For example, when we ask for ten minutes a day to shop, open early, do health, how can someone be late? At the same time, we are also in strict accordance with the management of these ten minutes ahead of time to the requirements of the implementation of the post, how can there be a confusion of attendance calculations?

Standard management for


one of the reasons for the poor management of many small shops, the product quality is unstable, including product standards are not uniform, which is easy to solve the problem of single store management. Therefore, it is necessary to make a standard product manual in a timely and accurate manner.

readily, at any time to manage


readily clean, clean up at any time, at any time, at any time to train, this anytime, anywhere is a way to manage the management of the coffee shop. On the same day, the day of completion, there will be no lack of enforcement problems occur. "Don’t say" after "the end of the month to say" "Tuesday at a meeting to say" wait until tomorrow training"! Find the problem, deal with it immediately, and don’t let it drag on today!

clear inventory, clear financial

single store management is simple, but also prone to vulnerabilities, which is the biggest vulnerability in the

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