High socks can also store the monthly income of a few million

socks, in the minds of many people, although this is a need for a product, but want to rely on it to make money seems unlikely. However, as long as we are operating properly, small socks can also store the monthly income of a few million! Here, let Xiaobian take you to know such a successful case.

He Qi socks franchise store selling imported socks store expensive, good-looking style. As early as 2007, the majority of socks on the market are ten yuan and 3 pairs of the market, her family’s socks on the start of $40, stockings and pantyhose hundred yuan start, playing pants are more than $160. And other stores are not the same, I insist on not bargain, with a fair price to keep the guests." He Qijia’s socks all the price tag, not bargain.

socks sell so expensive, Ho Chi have emboldened, that is, high quality and good price, difficult to find the same paragraph. He Qi gave himself set a principle: never dump customers, not in their own shop to reduce the price of defective products. If found defective, she is their own digestion; sell bad style, no longer sell the price, but to get a small city sales.

According to Ho Chi

revealed that the small business socks also have a short season. Now, many of their turnover. Store business is very stable, there are more than 500 effective members, and members can enjoy a fixed discount. He Qi’s socks shop also has a business secret: the threshold is not high, the customer can consume 300 yuan, the price mechanism for her to bring a lot of repeat customers. Now she has a monthly turnover of 80 thousand yuan in the season, there will be a season of $30 thousand.

a pair of socks could sell such a price, in the eyes of many people think this is an unbelievable thing, however, He Qi but by virtue of their insistence, coupled with high quality service to get more and more recognition. It is for this reason that she can open a money making socks shop.

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