Plum dam Liangshan chicken can give cooperation what project support

what kind of restaurant chain brand can call is one of the advantages of good products, small as a responsible brand restaurant chain, should see their food and beverage quality and brand for life, all efforts are just to safeguard the interests of consumers, so for a well-known food brands Liziba Chongqing Liangshan chicken will carefully choose partners, and wholeheartedly provide the following 8 systems of cooperation and support services for partners, to ensure that the interests of partners, customers benefit.

site support

1. provides site selection principles.

2. evaluates the facade information provided.

3. sent to the scene to provide specific site visits and guidance.

information support

The information management system and information service system

marketing headquarters to provide business cooperation, to help partners achieve system management and information management, improve the management level and store operating performance. Mobile phone store to see the boss, video shop.

construction support

1. decoration drawings by the headquarters in accordance with the unified design of the store (need to pay the design fee alone).

2. decoration for headquarters support, but also by the headquarters of the renovation (need to pay the cost of renovation).

3. decoration materials and kitchen equipment must comply with the requirements of the drawings, and related industry norms, can be bought on behalf of the headquarters (on behalf of the need to buy a separate fee).

4. headquarters to provide a full set of materials required to start the business, part of the purchase by the headquarters (on behalf of the need to buy a separate part of Fu Fei).

training support

1. training: headquarters before the store opened in cooperation with perfect (the "lobby", "training manual store management training manual", "the kitchen operation manual, employee handbook", "business supplies," manual "manual", opening "financial management manual", "supervision support manual") and other normative documents and provide free training by the headquarters, includes two parts of theory and practice in the shop, after passing the examination for certification.

2.: before opening the store manager sent to the store for the opening, given a fixed support, a week before the opening of the chef to the store for technical guidance, help partners opened smoothly, and assist management and service, the normalization and unification of dishes.

3. headquarters supervisors, technicians are not

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