What is the sky Valley porridge shop franchise

is the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, eat must taste, not only to eat healthy and eat different health porridge brands, most health life delicious, market demand, so the operation of a rich selection of congee shop is also very good. The sky is very worth Valley congee investment brand. This is a franchise brand, the strength has been formed, the market prospect is infinite, when the brand investment, is not to be missed to get rich project.

What is the

Valley sky porridge shop franchise

Valley sky congee + dinner snack select mode of operation, product management to taste authentic Chaozhou congee casserole, with authentic characteristics of Guangdong roast meat, brine and hot dishes, snacks, leisure characteristics dishes and other five categories; modern technology and traditional Chaoshan porridge preparation method of perfect combination of exquisite dishes, collocation dots, in particular for refreshing qinglie.

China congee, can be divided into: Chaozhou, health and roll porridge, cereal porridge. The sky and valley congee porridge, porridge and the traditional Chaozhou and different rice — choose the Northeast quality strip meters, based on the Chaoshan porridge on the development of its own technology, rice porridge as Chaoshan porridge cook porridge to flowering, and much denser than Chaoshan porridge. As a result, guests in the porridge taste will be better, more chewy, taste more delicious.

shop stores in the valley through porridge, whether seafood (shrimp porridge), seafood (fish porridge), meat (bone tube porridge) or coarse cereals (vegetable porridge), each porridge by love healthy people welcome.

Valley sky porridge shop mainly engaged in food, specialty is shrimp porridge, fish porridge, frog porridge, radish skin refreshing, Green Tea Nuomici, deep-sea cod pill etc.. Delicious taste, color, aroma, taste, type superb, you are a good place to eat.

rich congee, across the board to meet the needs of different consumers, the sky Valley has a unique business model of congee, consumers in the market, profits, worth the investment. Now, even Valley porridge shop investment fiery, sincere invitation to join together to create a person with breadth of vision, the first Chinese porridge, also win belongs to your wealth!

Valley sky congee join conditions:

1. identity Valley enterprise culture;

2. is willing to engage in food and beverage service industry management;

3. is willing to accept the headquarters of the unified training and implementation of uniform standards;

4. has a certain amount of money and good social relations and the appropriate housing;


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