Tea store location is critical how to choose

China since ancient times is a tea drinking country, at the same time Chinese love tea, tea is very popular in the daily life, open a tea shop business is very good, following a brief introduction to tea stores choose note address.

Second, for the analysis of district environment. Business environment is the surrounding commercial facilities and the corresponding facilities, such as hotels, Executive Hotel, teahouse, etc.. Modern business is more and more inclined to one-stop shopping mode of consumption, and the management of the surrounding environment is able to bring a large number of potential customers. For example, spring tea poly Xiang franchise system operating mainly in the Tieguanyin, hotels and restaurants near the hotel, a business is the place of residence, most of them do not take tea, ready to buy; and for visiting friends and relatives, get some Juxiang spring tea gift is elegant and decent. And the hotel will have tea "guest to tea" is the traditional etiquette Chinese, hotel group opened a Juxiang spring tea shop, is more worth it.

Third, cost of rental stores, select the desired geographical location, will officially begin to store rental work. This can be to choose a appropriate price for successful business days after the store is very important, not only in the pre leasing costs is a huge investment, it will affect the operating costs of each month, higher monthly rent for operators will also be a psychological burden. Based on these problems, the rental store, some measures should be taken to control the cost: collected information, compare, in order to make the most reasonable choice; secondly, to the location with a long-term vision, usually the mature development of district property prices are quite high, while those in the development, often can find more economical the store has the potential of the region, signed a long-term lease contract in this case and the owners are quite favorable for the long-term development of the franchisee itself.

In fact,

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