Sichuan Province in May the province’s highway traffic law enforcement

in the process of economic development, the construction of the road is of concern. After a series of road repair, to promote the rapid development of the economy, but for the relevant vehicle inspection is also very necessary.

2016 in May, the province’s highway traffic enforcement system has dispatched traffic enforcement officers 22233 passengers, check signing passenger vehicles 43278 times, investigate illegal vehicle 26; check the freight vehicles 86382 vehicles, illegal oversized vehicles 2692 vehicles, which instructed the unloading of 288 vehicles, 2370 vehicles quanfan; identification of road property compensation cases 918, pay compensation the amount of 6 million 336 thousand yuan.

in the process of economic development, transportation plays a very important role, as the saying goes: "to rich, first road". After the improvement of traffic facilities, the relevant illegal vehicles for timely investigation, is a very meaningful thing.

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