How to investigate entrepreneurial projects adhere to these four points

now a lot of people want to start a business, the choice of entrepreneurial projects is also a headache. In the investigation of entrepreneurial projects, we must adhere to the following four principles, because only in this way, you will be able to find a reliable venture.

A, the legitimacy of

on the project when the investigation are mainly include:

project if there is business registration, business registration of the project is within the validity period.

some projects may take people’s license Mongolia, so investors also need to identify the project held by the license is all of my projects, if the project provides information, business license should pay attention to in the name of the enterprise and provide the enterprise name, business scope is consistent, if not consistent to make a reasonable explanation, the need for the project. When signing the contract, it shall sign with the legal person on the business license, and affix the official seal on the business license. For the sake of safety, can be further to the local industry and Commerce authorities.

two, the credibility of


project is run by other enterprises, other investment projects, the outcome. At present, some crooks used to hit a shot for a place, has formed a "business model", such as the Hubei crooks, had previously run several other items, which belong to the public, will leave traces, as long as investors are careful, it is easy to see.

three, the risk of

In order to make the project "

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