Can you find a location

multiplier thing, who are willing to do, however, want to achieve twice the result with half the effort, often also need investors to invest in the early stages of the business is more attentively. While the store address selection is decided after the business of financing, choose the location, easy operation, more effective, also be able to quickly gather popularity, to expand its influence, to increase sales. To engage in business, site selection is the key. Especially for the location of some small and medium-sized retail stores more cautious, choose a shop, you can lay a good foundation in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, occupy a space for one person.

business case: Chengde Road, Huaian City, Jiangsu Zhang Yi and was an influential man, start empty-handed from the original flow of snack stalls, after years of hard work, finally have one of their own business, which covers an area of more than and 200 square meters of real estate in the pedestrian street in a very favorable position, before the hotel business has been good however, with the fierce competition in the catering industry, and from early to late very hard, the boss Zhang present age gradually gradually feeling powerless.

so, there is the idea of opening a supermarket, because the house is ready to do the hotel used in the home, a little transformation can be put into use. In his view, engage in business to sell home shop, do not need to bother fine like a restaurant, the technical content is not high, money is easy. It is understood that since the opening of the market to the supermarket, although walking street people coming and going, but sales have been flat, depressed business so that the boss is very depressed mood.

business analysis: first, the supermarket boss Zhang is the predecessor of a hotel, which has formed a profound understanding in the minds of consumers, although the hotel became a supermarket, but in a short time is difficult to eliminate this kind of psychological or food, so that the good intensify propaganda at the same time to do some promotional activities, to agree to popularity.

but the main point is not selected location made small flow of adult results, Zhang boss here while at the pedestrian street in People are hurrying to and fro., but pedestrian street basically is to eat, drink and entertainment business, people come here, are holding the entertainment and leisure psychological here, although the flow of people, but really very few people shopping, in this case, Zhang boss to the supermarket opened, is a very difficult thing. So, find a location, in order to achieve the purpose of the effort.

so, even if the same is a bustling lot, not to open any shop can be prosperous business. If we want to give the shop a suitable address, naturally also need to have a survey of the local needs, so that the store will have a certain degree of business protection. So, if you are now set up shop, you will attach importance to site work?

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