Ma Wenjie color management for customers

a shop if you do not do a good job in customer management, there is no way to attract the attention of customers, want to make the business development of the shop naturally will face more difficulties. One day in early November morning, Guangdong Zijin County of Heyuan City Plaza Road Wen long purchase department before delivery vehicle stability tobacco companies stopped smoothly. Ma Wenjie and his wife hurried to confirm the quantity of cigarettes. "162, the total number of. Here, there are dozens of has been scheduled to go out in advance!" Ma Wenjie was pleased to say.

red customers to facilitate

in the memory of Ma Wenjie couple, 2008 Snow and ice disaster on their store is undoubtedly a heavy hit. The whistling wind stopped every potential consumer’s footsteps, store a deserted house, almost lose everything. On the verge of despair, Ma Wenjie brainstorm, came up with a smoke in the snow coup.

"we had a couple took out the phone book, one by one to the familiar customer call, ask about their needs. Whether it is one or a package, the county center or outer suburbs, we are committed to door-to-door." Ma Wenjie recalls. Trapped in the home customers received a phone call in some overjoyed, buy cigarettes at the same time, they also please bring some daily necessities.

then the weather turned for the better, the text has not stopped the purchase and sale of this intimate service. Not only that, Ma Wenjie also widened the business: accept the cigarette booking. Now, in the last section, VIP wedding, will be ordered to him on the phone.

for this kind of loyal consumers, Ma Wenjie and his wife in the phone number of the will they became a standard red: "to keep the customers in any case, they have the demand, we call. Sometimes they do something delicious at home and bring them some."

blue customers like lively

if the red customers want convenience, then the blue customers want is lively". This kind of customers into the shop, not busy looking around, but went straight to the table and sat down, make a pot of tea, chat side products.

just started selling cigarettes do not understand, it will be stiff to introduce cigarette information to customers, and later learned that these knowledge may be more familiar with the senior smokers than us! So why do customers choose our store?" For this problem, Ma Wenjie gives his answer: "customers fear most is to buy cigarettes, when buying cigarettes if you can get the gift of course better. In the final analysis, is to look at ‘friendship’. We usually think, ‘friendship’ and the owner, so the owner will naturally not bully, buy cigarettes are also "trustworthy" products; in addition, the owner will take care of themselves, give some small gifts from time to time."

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