What are the four major difficulties faced by female entrepreneurs

different entrepreneurs, the face of a variety of social pressures, the development of their own careers will naturally be different. For women entrepreneurs, the difficulties faced by a lot, summed up there are four major difficulties. So, what are the four major difficulties faced by female entrepreneurs?

is different from the male female entrepreneurial venture, for a man and a woman, entrepreneurship is a fair word, but it is relatively fair, not only in the East, the West China, even for there is a difference between men and women and that women entrepreneurship is not easy to place more. In fact, think about it, for anyone, entrepreneurship is not so easy. Women start to accept more difficulties than men.

difficult one: a single financing channels, less than

venture capital

in the survey, shortage of funds is the key factor to 71.7% of respondents believe their own businesses, in the failure of women, 29.1% is because of the shortage of funds hit Waterloo". Although the relevant departments can provide small loans, but cumbersome, difficult to guarantee, not easy to do. "One can’t make bricks without straw", not money, is again good creative, good innovation technology is difficult to real productivity.

difficult two: market competition is not standardized, the difficulty of female entrepreneurship increased

To the market economy is still in the transition stage from the planned economy of

in China, the market economy has its own advantages, also has its inherent negative effects, such as the pursuit of value for use unscrupulous divisive tactics, at the expense of use value and value. In the field of business, there are also disorderly competition, lack of integrity, moral anomie and other phenomena. In a sample survey conducted by the Nanjing Federation of industry and commerce, only 37.7% of the private entrepreneurs believe that the current market order is better; the establishment of a fair market order is listed as the biggest expectations of government support entrepreneurs.

is in this environment, the woman is shouldering the burden of career and family two, it is difficult to have more energy to socialize social affairs, deal with various relations. Many of the entrepreneurs to start training to learn the female entrepreneurs, the general demand for good entrepreneurial projects as the main purpose, so that they can take the initiative in the market competition.

difficulty three: gender discrimination, public opinion on female entrepreneurship unfair

In the

survey, only 30.9% of the total number of respondents were appreciated, while about 41.5% of respondents wanted to be treated fairly. 19.6% of respondents reported that women suffered from social gender discrimination in entrepreneurship, and 18.2% of them thought that public opinion was unfair to women. Women entrepreneurs are often crowned with the stereotype of "strong women" or as "restless women."". Society >

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