Professional exhibition can not be separated from the early Market Research

there are many places and regions are also held in the exhibition, some merchants, a good exhibition is very important for the local social investment, at the same time in the whole process of the exhibition, the market investigation is a very important content.

after the show, if in the investigation after the exhibition, reveal the research results of the problem if the agency’s attention, the representative and authoritative, enhance the professional exhibition industry influence, show vitality and exhibition brand is very important. Most of the organizers have not done so. Whether we will reveal many problems because of fears that the government will affect the work or performance and put it in a drawer? Or no investigation we know? However, the problem of the lock it will not flow out, the conclusion of the investigation is not as a basis for decision making.

"brand exhibition" is also a continuation of the successful exhibition. The success of the exhibition is generally marked with a certain scale; can represent and reflect the industry’s current situation, development trends and trends; the industry has a strong influence and guidance of the exhibition. Exhibition and exhibition of exhibitors before the exhibition is the key to the success of the exhibition vitality. Trade association is one of the organizers of the professional exhibition, it should also be a representative of the industry, with considerable professional and authoritative industry. We call on all kinds of industry association management, exhibition and related operators: the importance of the exhibition industry before and after the exhibition of local enterprises pay attention to the problem of the research; at the same time, pay attention to long-term investigation, the accumulation of data, the research results of application and adjustment decision.



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