How to choose investment projects

a lot of people want to start because of the face of a variety of practical problems and had to choose to give up, because many people do not have enough money to give up their boss dream. Now there are a lot of entrepreneurial projects, the lack of funds for entrepreneurs, the choice of small investment projects the most reliable.

gift box

then you have to consider how to design the gift box which can meet the needs of customers, and get a reasonable profit. Here, the gift box is the most critical rationality. For the same kind of gift box to have different pricing scheme, need to plan carefully.

investment two: do the magic balloon business

is estimated to do magic balloon investment of about 3000 yuan, including: learning, production costs 400 yuan; 1000 Thailand production of magic balloon treaty 160 yuan (if made in USA in 600 to 1000 yuan), each balloon costs about 0.2 yuan, after making a distorted. An enticing toy, can be sold for 1 yuan to 1.5 yuan.

In addition to this


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