How to improve customer satisfaction

we all know underwear, is a necessity for all, then open a lingerie shop, how to attract more customers to your home consumption? And become a frequent visitor to your home. Moreover, in the daily operation of how to make their own team, so that their own shop inside the service to enhance customer satisfaction, which is very important.

1, business collaboration with colleagues in the Department:

2, coordination between different departments:

A: underwear store in terms of product sales, customer service is in the stage of business personnel do pre-sale, especially large technology products, sales reached after entering the installation and technical guidance services, mostly business personnel to achieve sales after finished the work, and technical service personnel after receiving the instruction have direct access to the site operation, at work are often very easy because of some small things to poor communication, affect the work efficiency and effect and the reputation of the company.

B: underwear store company data and information management is a comprehensive department or sales assistant, to do business or other departments when they need to find their transfer, this is a normal management process.

how to enhance the underwear store satisfaction, the above is some tips, hope everyone in the days after the operation of the shop can help. Good satisfaction, of course, bring more customers, more tourists bring more wealth.


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