How big is the opening of the tea shop

no matter what kind of project we choose entrepreneurship, will certainly take into account the project can bring profit returns. So, if you enter the tea market now? How much profit to open tea shop? Here, let Xiaobian for you to do a detailed analysis of the introduction, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of such business opportunities.

1, bulk tea wholesale market:

price is three times the purchase price, this is the industry practice. But we will not sell at the price, so even if the retail, then give a feeling to enjoy the wholesale price. So the retail is generally two times the purchase price, the profit rate is 50%. The real wholesale is very complex, generally maintained at 15% to 30%. In particular, there are more than 10%.

2, large market brand tea:

is the manufacturer of the retail price, bar code can be found. According to the different distribution levels, profit margins are also different. However, such as special retail level will not be located in large markets. But also do retail around 20 percent off, compared to the standard of tea products, a distribution can reach 50%, two 42%, 35% to 40% special retail contract; branch is difficult to calculate, because the purchase amount is different, get different discount. Brand car wholesale profit is very low, about 20%, but you can get the rebate manufacturers.

3, street shops:


most of the goods from the hands of wholesalers, the stock is very small, so as long as they are the cost of rent and other fixed costs. So gross profit is very high, probably in 60% to 70%, and generally green tea and oolong tea, can not save the season, fast forward. Generally do this shop are fixed customers, so just a friend of tea, the situation is difficult to generalize.

4 brand:

, street shops

two cases, one is the street brand image shop, one is a retail store in the mall. The former is similar to the 3, but the higher the profit, the natural end of a more high-end customers (PS some small brands rely on girls to pull customers to save tea, not a small talk). The latter is to rely on people to do retail traffic.

operating in the form of different, can get the profit will naturally be different, in the end how to profit, the key is to look at the choice of entrepreneurship. So, if you are ready to start a tea shop, you will choose which of the above form? Can you manage the entrepreneurial form you choose?

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