What are the names of grocery stores

is ready to open a shop, but do not know how to name the shop, which is probably a problem faced by many entrepreneurs. In fact, if you want to have a proper name, or have a certain trick to hold. So, what are the names of the grocery store?

(1) with the sign principle. At the same time, the name can be attached to a shop with the characteristics of the logo, to deepen customer impression of the grocery store. The sign is associated with the grocery store’s name. For example, marker Tieniu grocery store can be a very strong head of cattle. When people see the sign, they immediately think of the grocery store.

(2) – principle. Do business will inevitably compete with their peers, so shop, to be superior to others, in the name of manufacturing to customers with powerful momentum. For example, extraordinary, Wanda are excellent grocery stores.

(3) unconventional principle. The name of the grocery store to get rid of the grocery store convenience store and other old-fashioned way of naming, to give people a sense of freshness, keep up with the pace of the times, the use of the new concept of naming to attract customers into the store. For example: the blue moon, do not forget me, understand you are more innovative, deepen customer impression of the store.

(4) easy to pronounce principle. For the grocery store was not only a novel, simple, easy to read and easy to pronounce. Disable the mouth, or difficult to pronounce Chinese names. For example, "Jin Xin convenience store" rather than "Xinxin convenience store" read. Grocery store name, the grocery store named Daquan

(5) highlight the principle of personality. Grocery store name to strive to highlight the personality. Avoid the same name with other shops, with its own unique features to attract customers.

(6) font off principle. After the name of the grocery store is good, it is necessary to design the font for the name of the shop. The form of the font should be novel and unique, make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory gives a sense of beauty. Although there is no limit font rules, but not too exaggerated, self defeating, not to good effect.

(7), simple and easy principle. A simple and easy to follow the principles in the grocery store name. The name of the word should not be too much to 3-5 word is appropriate, to be concise and lively, easy customer memory. Some grocery stores, for example, are called "convenience stores", although they are too simple, but customers can blurt out and attract the attention of customers.

(8) industry characteristic principle. Grocery store name should also highlight the operating characteristics of the store, but do not put too much limitations on the name. It is difficult to extend the name such as "grocery store" to other commodities, which hinders the development of the store. Customers see the grocery store instinctively think is mixed small shops, so, even if the store of commodities, but also because of the name.

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