How much food stores need to open 30 square meters of investment budget is now announced

people’s living standards gradually improve, the demand for food is also getting higher and higher, so open a food store can let investors benefit a lot, then the cost of opening a food store about how much? Small series to 30 flat store food store as an example to calculate for you.

import food store investment budget

the decoration cost: including the facade, interior decoration, shelves and other facilities: about 30 thousand yuan

the first purchase costs: first purchase needed goods purchase amount: about 90 thousand yuan (including freight).

(the budget by 30 square as the standard made the lowest budget standard.


1. It can be estimated that the investment amount of 10 square meters of imported food stores needs at least about $60 thousand (excluding rent), if you do not have the ability to fund this standard, do not blindly invest.

2. This investment standard is only used within the range of 100 square. More than 100 square investment decline of more than 15% standard.



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