How to store the toy store in order to attract more guests

general toy store in a very wide variety of goods, but it is because too much, too complex, so it is difficult for consumers to quickly find their products really like. Only grasp the right way to put in order to truly form a focus, so as to allow consumers to have a more intense interest.

space utilization principle

in the mall counter is always worth, no matter how big the toy store area, assigned to each counter is generally more than a dozen twenty square. The mall is used to display props in general is: high cabinet, double-sided, single-sided Nakajima cabinet, end game stand, Taiwan, Taiwan several billing. Tailored for their own products has become the best way to save and use counter space. The cabinet height in general mall Island 1.3 meters, the height of the closet are generally at about 2.2 meters.

accords with the principle of


the brand will have its own location, style can reveal the essence of a product. At present, more and more toy brand manufacturers will spend their own money to engage in the theme of the product demonstration and boutique display, in order to better reflect the characteristics of their products and selling points, causing consumer resonance.

this display can benefit, convenient for consumers to find products quickly according to the price, such as the Shanghai based Hongqiao friendship store, they sell toys, each layer will set up a licensing legislation: for example, from 199 yuan to 299 yuan.

The principle of


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