Entrepreneurship diary Series 1 pre startup attention and registration companies

has done two years of grassroots webmaster, last month I decided to start from now on, I will spend time in every few Admin5 I write about history, so you want to start from a friend, I hope the entrepreneurial success, now my business diary.

I do stand for only two years, and most of the people, is the beginning of a garbage site, remember the first site when I do the site navigation, at a training school in Nanjing to learn the computer, all the others when learning 3DMAX, I didn’t do a lot of class site navigation station at that time, I do not know what ASP, PHP and so on what, only know HTML, CSS does not even know how, on one hand do web site navigation, the half do I give up, even 3D did not learn, slowly do a personal home page, a movie, the movie station to my income 4000 yuan, for two months I was off, recently did a female website is not what popularity, do not earn money, half a year did not work for me, anxious, others do dumpster can make money, do business The station can make money, why can’t I make it, I think the reason of their original do grassroots webmaster not to earn money for a few: 1, although very hard, can stay up late, but do not understand what technology did not want technology ideas and techniques can not be achieved immediately. 2, do not understand do not understand technology promotion, not what, can download the source code, but more exasperating I didn’t learn what promotion experience, good website nature is not popular, but can not make money. 3, not opportunistic: others can seize some popular information to make money, and I do not understand. Grassroots failure, and now hope to succeed in transition business.

I think the

business, very passionate, hovering between the studio and the registered company, each have their own advantages, I want to register a company, and to consult the individual registered company must 100 thousand yuan of capital, and the inspection is very troublesome, but also to pay extra fees, two people jointly funded the minimum registered capital of the company simply 30 thousand yuan can, I chose to register the company, looking for a relative common 500 thousand registered capital of the company, we want to give people talk about the registered company registered company process: of course to choose the right place, then check the name of the company, then do a lot of material, pre registered former permitted company, the remaining capital what all can find the accounting firm agent, a company registered money pretty much: I calculate, almost 6000 to 7000, now more than 10000, including business cost Business license, verification fees and so on a lot, I think what is done and finally down fees, billing software purchase, purchase special printer, online reporting and so on almost all the training costs ten thousand yuan, advise you not too much money business owners, now think again, I was too impulsive, no a clear understanding of, or I will register a studio. Of course there are a lot of monthly tax, urban construction tax, education tax and so on what, I also did not understand clearly before the company registered, but registered, no way, the registered company spent a month.

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