Before you do the web site you have to know

web site as a website type, of course, there is its need, from the site type, regardless of the type, as long as you have good planning and preparation, I think there is a possibility of success. If you want to do web site, you need to know the following personal views for reference only.

1, traffic source. This is the first thing you need to consider.

if you can optimize to 5000 ip.. Then you can do it. But as far as my personal experience is concerned, there are too few possibilities. The recent lucky was lucky. Baidu search "hao123" can be found.

software, viruses. Can be used as a way of promotion, but there is no need and capital., 114la, haokan123, that’s 265, too. Here, you need to say, " has almost gone out of business except for traffic.". Make a little money, yeah, maybe.

2, domain name selection. No good domain name, even if done, can only say that the more tight from failure.

what’s a good domain name? It’s simple. It’s good for optimization. It’s easy to remember. I think this domain name is either expensive or difficult to find.

3, if you have traffic, just want to advertise to make money, that can refer to, flush traffic, a lot of people will.

4, take a look at 2345 now. 9991. Qu123, wait, what’s left?. As an independent web site type. The possibility of development is very small, if I am venture capital. At least I’ll give up. Quick.

5, personalized web site. What is the name of personality, different standards, you might think, but you may say the character, just a lot of people say. (good) although got the money. Promotion now has traffic. But personally I think. That’s a network favorite. It doesn’t make any difference to The possibility of development is very small. At least not as good as the previous home page. I personally think that the person was not already too. Ha-ha。

6, web site is not that you can not do, if you do, please refer to carefully, think carefully. At least I think. Domain name is the most important. Promotion is at least not a particularly difficult task. Dream, everyone has, if you want, you can do it, maybe. Probably not.

7, professional web navigation. Search from baidu. Url. You’ll see the agricultural web site.. Business web site. Talent web site. Domain names personally do not think very well. The rate of return is not necessarily very good. Just because Baidu thinks it’s a good thing, it’s not too optimistic that some traffic is positive and that it’s possible to stick to more time or brands.

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