Local classification website the simplest practical and profitable operation cheats

There are lots of people to write operation cheats on the

network, is nothing more than the QQ group promotion, mail promotion and offline promotion activities, they write the Raiders have a serious problem, never talked about details, how most practical and effective promotion of local


webmaster know, very easy to do this online website classification information, similar to the source very much, little processing can be of course this is only a small, local classification information platform

, I have done an area of life classification information channel. In the process of doing the station experience and share with you!


do stand easy, difficult to promote, we all know this truth, many people believe the words of their predecessors, the local site within a few years will not profit, personal views on this serious doubt! If you can’t go to profit within a few years, people will spend money to go to find the operation planning for technology, do you think after three years what a year do, so we might as well go out to do a year can be done! That is the correct line promotion.

offline promotion preparation:

station, the website does not have content not, if someone enters your website, did not see what the next time someone else, certainly will not be visited, if not stick users, how to do, to find their own hard point, the content of other sites, the content of fill.

Of course, this is just

to prepare, you don’t let the user feel the site in kongchengji, the next step is the most important is to do offline promotion.

How does

conduct offline promotion:

there are only three things you need to do,

1: tidy up your own clothes and dress up.

2: bring your camera, publicity page, business card.

3: use your rich professional language to conquer every business that doesn’t know the internet.

(speaking here, maybe someone already seems to know what to do? Yes, you do is door-to-door promotion. If you are afraid of shame, what do you make?)

when you have more than three points, to any one of the businessmen, to their name card, promotional pages; tell them a sentence "I am a member of" information collection XXX website "line, we will tell you free shop advertising to" XXX "on the site level." Then, take 3 minutes to give them a brief explanation of the website, then collect information, photos, and then you will succeed,

of course, success is not so simple. This is only the first wave. You have to collect all the people in the city that you think might be your customers. When you travel all over the city, there will be people all over the city who know your website or your website. When you have a lot of information, ask them to sell ads. If it’s you, will you buy it? The answer is definitely someone,


, this is one of the most optional

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