On the lack of good faith in exchange links

now, easy to build, technology is not a problem, difficult, difficult to operate in promotion. Operating out of flow produces value.

traction in hobbies, and friends to do a week, the whole station network name. Site located in your side of the business card, marketing experts, free enterprise information release platform.

because there is no budget funds into the promotion, can only rely on software, labor and other ways to publish information on various engines and platforms. And there’s the exchange link. And always adhere to the update, update, continuous updates. In online access to promotion methods, and also full use, but also gradually has the effect, every day in Admin5 and outdated on the release of exchange link information. Also gradually change links, the amount of up to 30. I’ll thank you for every change I get. Thank you for your attention. The square appears my sincerity. But cut off time to see the change of the link station, but some have been quietly removed, this really surprised me, what is honesty? This is only a link, absolutely not cheat, break faith.

this problem, I think we have encountered, and this is definitely a bad phenomenon, and the integrity of society is not consistent with the environment. Here, bring it up as a question. We each one airs his own views.

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