Pay a little more the flow will be more

pay a little more, traffic will be a little more

do stop soon, only more than a month, this one month, I understand a truth, "pay a little more, traffic will be more."".

I’m a TV drama website update for a small software company. The company’s website is cattle B, once the "TV drama" this word optimized to Baidu first. My job is very relaxed and very simple, every day is to download movies from the Internet, and then upload to the company’s movie site server on the OK. After such a long work, it feels boring and boring. Because of the knowledge of website production during the course of contact, the idea of building a website has been created.

then study hard, seriously read books, read tutorials, on the webmaster, webmaster, station, learn from the successful experience of the webmaster. A month later, with the help of my friend, my first website,, was successfully opened.

with each novice webmaster have experienced that excitement and longing, began my young woman net road. Because it is the first time to do the station, neither experience nor connections, and want to find a friendship link is very difficult.

I understand, want the website flow, try to promotion, the website information release to every corner of the Internet, so I work hard, very dedicated to the forum to post, whether can bring traffic, as long as the end of a post heart can feel close to one step closer. Forgot to have to eat time, forgot already in the dead of night, in the thoughts and minds only leave effort two words.

every night at eleven or two, I’m excited to open YAHOO statistics. This post brings two, and that one brings three. Piecing together the traffic is as good as a hundred. Looking at the effort in the results, the heart is particularly comfortable, substantial.

also remember, that is the fifth day of the station, up in the morning to continue my posting work. Come to the forum where you can take traffic, login to my account. The strike has come. (you have no right to visit this forum. This ID has been blocked, please contact the administrator) second forums. Similar to the first, one after another forums have blocked my ID. Folding walking just right, I feel that a little panic. Really appreciate the mood, do stand depends on your own website.

more than half a month has passed, the site’s traffic has been hovering back and forth, today’s post a little more, the site traffic on more points. Send a post less or deleted, and the site traffic can even fall to single digits. Really "pay a little more, and the traffic will be a little bit more."".

site twenty-first days, GG to my site included, finally is a fixed flow, the daily workload is much less, but the site traffic is still in direct proportion to the number of Posts every day. Every day to similar webmaster web site view, do station experience and experience. Learn a lot, maybe take advantage of it

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