Those App operating unspoken rules that you don’t know

what should be done for an entry-level App operator? What are the unspoken rules in this line?

first, let’s deconstruct the position of App operation. Operation such a post, including the content is very miscellaneous, there are channels for promotion, data analysis, product packaging, activities planning, and so on. From 2012 to 2013 this year, in fact, the company’s core operations is put in the channel, the real operation of products is relatively small, and stay on the surface, no depth to the product data analysis and mining the user, nor do the old user retention rate, but more is to do do the user channel.


one, do channel, do user

most App start-up companies operating position is channel promotion, that is, through the Android market, 360 mobile assistant, 91 assistants such channels to do business relations, or buy advertising. Because App users grow mainly from this, and if you do a good job with these channels, such as the first to get such a free recommended bits, will be able to increase the quality of users. So the main thing for more companies to do is to make budgets and then look for channels.

There are three ways

works with these channels:

& pays cooperation. That’s easy. Pay for the price.

, free of charge, mainly is the starting, and there is a small partner with the channel to do a good job relations, so that to help give a free location, etc.;

– prizes cooperation, in short, is the channel of chamber of Commerce Fengnianguojie planning some activities need to be sponsored and provided to the sponsor of the CP recommendation, there is the original Android and Android will engage in some activities of the Forum (the conversion rate is not high, it is not recommended to do).

on the home company, I am close to the channel for six months to deal with. I was sort of a table, each channel is divided into three grades, namely high, medium and low grades:

1, high class channels include googleplay, pea pods, millet app store, Android market, 360 mobile assistant, Tencent application treasure, 91 mobile assistant, Baidu and so on.

is the focus of maintenance for higher level channels, with a daily frequency of attention. These channels of relatively large number of users, so you need to observe the channels of user growth every day, look at changes in location, etc., these high-level channels are also the main choice of new product version of the first round. According to my experience, pea pods and 360 mobile assistant, as well as Tencent application treasure and Baidu, several channels of the first round of the effect is the best. Followed by millet, Android market and so on.

2 medium, including mobile MM, HUAWEI Newell cloud, Android Market, market access, application exchange, N, mumayi market, China Unicom fertile store, telecom Tianyi store, Lenovo music store.

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