What does website operation do What’s the difference between a product manager and a product manager

what is the website? Many novice friends have asked me this question, many people in mind, the operation is a big pan concept, it is because of this broad concept, resulting in a lot of friends do not know the specific operation is to do what? Always feel unable to start, but mostly veteran operators know, in fact the operation is a very rigorous and consistent strong position, most avoid blind operation! So the first thing to do is to know the operation of novice what is the website operation, website operation in the end what to do! This day come and talk my ideas;

1. What is the difference between operations and products?


, let’s not say the definition of operation and product first. I’ll describe a scene that can help a friend who has two confusing concepts:

if you want to choose something to sell, then the first thing you should consider is what to sell and how to package it. It will attract more attention and tell others how to use your product…… This work is the product of the dry matter; when you choose something, when preparing the materials needed, the next step is to push, let more people need to see it, and interacting with them, addressing their needs, using a variety of techniques to stimulate the transformation…… This is a series of work to do;

or an analogy: products are like singers. Operators are like brokerage companies. So it’s good to understand the relationship.

singers have their innate strengths and potential, and so are products. For example, in the early days of the record industry, a good singer could be easily understood and loved by the masses, but now it’s different and the singer must be packaged in marketing. Now the Internet environment matures, the project areas are numerous, good wine is also afraid of deep alley, so the purpose of operation is to let a potential singer (product) to enter the market.

two, what is website operation? What do you want to do?


: 1, drainage is simply the precise positioning of the target user you are to your container preset (it must be accurate, and the user) may be the website, forum, WeChat public, micro-blog or their own database, this is the first step in the website operation, is also the most important one step, because no one behind the technology, then cattle, is not so precise user base is the foundation.

2, retained: when your users come to your website, so the next thing we are through a series of operational means, to improve their access to the largest proportion of the viscous, let them stay and keep their activity, the formation of long-term relationships and their interaction, and the most important is the solution to their needs


3, transform: through the front drainage and retention operations, you can put the front over

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