Some suggestions on how to do well in the operation of local portal websites

as a regional portal, has its special side, there are some common places and other portal sites, to do this kind of website, we must have a clear understanding on the following points, otherwise it will also have a lot of problems during operation.

1. deep into the local Internet environment and folk customs

we all know, the local portal in the final analysis is to serve the local people mainly, in the website planning and operation before, thorough market research is very necessary. We can do a simple questionnaire, in order to understand the local residents in life to solve practical problems and the Internet can help solve the problem of classification summary after fully understanding the requirements, we can regard it as an important basis for targeted web site planning, in order to pave the way for later operations.

2. draws on successful experiences from similar sites

similar to the more successful website is very worthy of our reference, you can go to these sites with the browser again, you can also register a member, they experience the services provided to members of what is, take the dross, take the essence, ISM is always used for smart people. Do not think this is a shame, the Internet is based on the spirit of sharing. Humbly ask the webmaster of these websites to find out how they do a good job of locating and determining the audience. Meanwhile, the operation experience of the website is also worth learning. Perhaps your technology is very cattle, but not necessarily understand the management, operation of the site is the same as doing business, and must have a certain economic mind.

3. works with other local influential websites,

is now the rapid development of Internet, the construction site technical barriers and funds are increasingly low threshold, if we are in the local as the successor, then we have to actively cooperate with other local influential websites. This is the most sensible choice, who will First impressions are strongest in the same field later have rejection, which is a very disadvantage for a new web site, but if we can regain the initiative, to establish friendly relations with each other in cooperation, not only to avoid the resistance. The more important is that it can use other websites to publicize their site influence. Of course, not all webmaster will be so generous, or can be said to be far sighted, but as long as it can do this, it will play a big role in promoting the development of the site.

4. gets the support of the local government,

I know it very well. When a friend was making a web site in his city, there was no local website, except for several government websites. So in the website just the beginning, he found the government’s propaganda department, hoping to get the support of the government, to improve the local environment of the Internet, the Internet can provide the most appropriate service for the majority of the people. Government departments are generally in this respect

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