One day let the train PPC down to a few cents of the alternative method of operation

one day let the through train PPC down to a few cents, it seems very difficult, but in fact it is reasonable.

first of all, we all know that in order to reduce the speed of the train, PPC has to improve the quality score. In the conventional approach, to improve the quality of points is chosen words (Taobao keyword several sellers find common methods, then later) continuously through price increases, price, promotion, Title Optimization of continuous testing promotion master plan, come down for a long time, if the product is good, the promotion plan is not as imagined. The product, if not directly is rotten. Because too many people use this method, they will only do so.

carefully analyze the following straight through the car several weight factors know:


the first element is the overall weight of accounts, this is judged according to this train of historical promotion quality records, if the past through the car very bad, it is recommended that all delete baby plan, let the train empty for a week, so that all data is cleared, and then re do the promotion plan promotion baby.

second elements are click through rate, click rate affects the quality, accounting for a large proportion of the high rate of hits on the day, then second days, the quality of 100 percent to come up, this is no doubt.

third is the conversion rate, when the first 2 elements ready, now the keywords are basically 9 points and 10 points, but there is a situation that although the score is high, but the PPC is still very high, is not fall down, then this is the buyer feedback data is poor, that is no collection, visit depth, residence time, purchase and other factors, if the buyer feedback factors do, then PPC is down shizaibide

!These are the basic knowledge of the

train, knowing that we can use loopholes technique (commonly known as cheating) to train our operation. Through the history of the weight of the car do not know well, first empty a week to say, and then build a plan, select ten or so key words for promotion, and then do a Title Optimization and promotion of the main design. After all the operation, click operation rate. How to make the train hits an instant upgrade? White brush, chant, change the main figure for keyword optimization compared to brush click Title suck, in order to reduce the cost when you click on the brush to brush the whole price to 0.1 yuan, how to brush each keyword, each point of 0.1 yuan – I think neither painful nor itching still, doesn’t care. You can control click rate to an average of about 3-5 times in the industry when the brush, if the index is relatively large category words may be required to operate a few days, the small category word operation one day, second days is very quality directly, if the PPC lower down, then you need to cooperate with Taobao to buy a single brush, brush single straight through click on the car, so the PPC within a few days can lower down, this is the normal way to optimize the title and the replacement of the main figure, straight home > yellow

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