Talking about the best mainstream resources of film and TV station

Youku, potatoes, low quality is bound to be eliminated. Coupled with such advertising resources increasingly rampant, not on the do not need to install the software’s sake, early into the barrel to color music. An address change every two or three days, and not a shield, sad sad cry cry. No wonder friends out of the "resources Youku check ins, reckon check, delete half a movie website, oh.

QVOD software installation, so that many users scoff, and even someone installed 360, Q broadcast can not play. Let have their headache is the bird’s watch also side, very bandwidth. Ask Q broadcast engineering staff: I finished watching the film, download the software, why? It seems the only advantage is watching a movie, our watching her. The next day, dig to complete the download, and then obscene, right or wrong?

GVOD recently learned the menacing, thunder product operation failure, here is "as long as there is FTP, is not afraid of resources", in my opinion, all dogs can search for resources, indeed can be used normally, and broadcast playback speed faster than Q. Circle here for your reference. How will Japan, remains to be seen.

earlier BOBO if anyone can remember? This is known as the rogue plug-in player software, in fact, was a quite big market, to the little brother haven’t made a movie station, a day to night pineapple search for movie watching, oh, to be fair, in addition to painting quality slightly worse BOBO other than Q, strong to broadcast. Just a day with the people, the first Chinese made me the bill, Mozhe, rest, go to rest.

"Thunder KanKan

", do not know the name of this software is appropriate or not? At least little brother never used this thing, this is strange, why thunder user base is so large, but does not operate such a seemingly promising N software, it is made which my heavenly nerve this is the thunder, people understand.

finally pulled that, what HD? Free installation? No buffer? HOHO, boy, then wait and see it now dominate the rivers. I laugh, I laugh.

is standing, you also don’t tuck the hidden slightly, a nonsense, don’t mind.

seriously, I’m pretty bullish on GVOD. It’s GVOD. Oh, don’t get it wrong. My small station: completely DVD do movie and television station friend, can find me to chat, my Q is: 7818057

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