My website is made to promote the whole process of profit

come to Admin5 every day, that is, I haven’t sent any articles yet. I want to say something about myself today,


well, not much gossip said, that these days I do stand experience and the idea that the original purchase of (good student film) the domain name does not want to stand to do their own, want to think the good rice used to make money, but no one has to get their own play, space is a friend, but in many of the friends visit telecommunications Netcom is too slow, running for two months did not try but can also support the careless.

I think it’s four stages: preparation, operation, promotion and profit.

preparation phase:

of course to buy a domain name, perhaps with a lot of friends also do not know the search engine is to speak English well, you just take me as an example, only from the search perspective will be the same construction "student film network" of such a station, dxsvod is absolutely more easy for search engines to read, a lot of China friends love to use the initials, it should pay attention to a little. The second is the space, the furthest distance in the world is not the remotest corners of the globe, but Netcom, so if you have the economic strength or network. However, although Shanghai Waigaoqiao Telecom, I heard that Netcom access is also very fast, I used it there. Not bad。 Thank you for the morning internet.

is in a CMS, I believe you have to write your own CMS bar, oh, there are a number of programs to choose from, I did not test other, but I chose the "DEDE", because I think he can also function, skin plug-ins in particular, the general view is very human Oh, besides do ads, this choice is very important, because you won’t just change program play.


if the rent space is simple, simple upload set is good, my friends and my server is almost half a day, get almost exhausted, but also the day in the

virus, sad!

is another site planning, want to have what column of your site ah, what kind of made, have good planning, considering the factors of site speed, here to remind a bit better for all of the jpegasp installation, benefits greatly, not only can give you generate thumbnail website access speed can accelerate your image watermarks, protect your resources.

website promotion stage:

this is the most concern, there are countless articles about this thing, but I seem to actually say is several that everybody knows, it seems we have retained the unique skills.

, such as links, ah, updated ah, login site ah, are we really rookie? I can ask you, who did not do this? How can the effect

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