Use experience to tell you a few points of operation of industry website

network segments represent the general trend of industry portal, every kind of like to grow up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but in the website operation aspects into a basic misunderstanding, throughout most of the industry Web site, mode of operation is similar, can not find their own unique side, blindly follow the trend, is the so-called "has been imitated, never surpassed, so more and more bottlenecks the industry Web site in the web site features and operation mode of the dead. The Internet industry portal website today we have many apartment layout, building materials industry, for example Home Furnishing sites, such sites are around Home Furnishing products do information and website operation, but visibility is not much, visible industry website is not easy to operate. Website operators must have an industry advantage in order to win the market, in particular, should pay special attention to the following three main points:

1, one of the main points: we should pay attention to the timeliness and accuracy of website industry information.

industry is a core part of information industry website, effective and timely industry information site visitors need. Such as Chongqing Jiezhuang website provide the decoration industry information website of proportion and enhance the influence of a great relationship, and sales promotion news is sought after. In order to make the website more abundant and timely, make sure that the website information is maintained and updated by special personnel. Industry information content updates also directly affect the search engines on the site included. Accelerate the frequency of industry information, but also increased the number of search engines included in the site, but also increased the influence of the site in the industry.

2, two points: to become an authoritative platform for market analysis.

website in addition to information content often updated, but also to the industry market situation to grasp and analysis, summed up the trend of the market, the timely market situation to the browser. This will allow visitors to have access to the site every time the harvest, you can get the latest progress of the latest market, and thus the first opportunity to grasp the business opportunities. For example: Chongqing home network is through the interview about the decoration decoration company designers trend, and released the first time, decoration to the owners to provide timely information authority to decorate, because the information source is Chongqing local designers, visitors have authority in the heart. You know, the market is now the market opportunities, and grasp the latest market opportunities, is to grasp the financial resources. This is very important for visitors. At the same time, also reflects the authority of the industry website in this respect, will allow visitors to generate a sense of trust, and eventually become a loyal group of users of the site, but also increased the site’s access traffic. To make the website scale effect in the industry.

3, three points: to become the industry’s products, services, prices of the shortcut platform.

The key to the operation of the

industry website is to provide products and services within the industry. Grasp the basic point, that is to find the accurate network market positioning and a clear service audience. Understand what products you need on your website, what services you need, and what their prices are

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