Alibaba group’s new CEO why is Lu Zhaoxi Look at Ma Yun’s pick




name "Tiemuzhen" Lu Zhaoxi (Jonathan Lu), officially became the Alibaba’s CEO. Why is he? Why do poineering work eighteen Arhats not one? The author first playfully, advance notice of Lu Zhaoxi’s office, and in six the original radium visible @ website and WeChat jianliukan watch. This article does not focus on providing only the details of people and things, while trying to seize the main line.

first, "birth", good

Lu Zhaoxi’s origins include several aspects: the age of 1969, the birth of people, just to connect the first generation of Alibaba, eighteen Rohan age. Education, Guangzhou University, not what elite, just to Ma’s taste.

wants to know, Ma Yun once said, does not like the elite school, only needs three streams of school talented person’s words. "I have never been a good student in the traditional sense. Junior high school entrance exam two times. The university took the exam three times before taking the exam at Hangzhou Normal University." He also said that 95% of the MBA had gone off. Ma Yun is a little Chinese style "anti intellectualism", and in the early days do not value or even despise the elite out of the people.

, Ali, and even some skilled old employees, graduated from three schools. And with MA in the company get along with the most comfortable people, most also have three stream school background. This is like Gates, Jobs, Allison and other schools are elite drop out, there is a place where a gas field. Although Lu Zhaoxi later read EMBA in Central Europe, that was when the executive was in the gilded phase.

Ma also love sales temperament, roots and wilderness both "rogue understand culture" the temperament of the people. Lu Zhaoxi majored in hotel management, graduated into the hotel dishes, in Guangzhou, a four star hotel lobby, guest rooms and restaurants are left behind the sweat of youth and then quit, opened a small company doing business telecommunications sales. Later, after a friend introduced to Hangzhou to see Ma came to Ali, joined the Alibaba group in 2000, the first to do is B2B Southern China District sales. Alibaba as a sales culture for the root of the place, there is this experience, but also "root red Miao Zheng."". You know, Ma Yun’s start-up time is 1999, Lu Zhaoxi origin enough grassroots, occupation time enough early, responsible for sales of the main force.

second, complementary personality,

Ma publicity exposed temperament, with Wei Zhe as the same high-profile subordinates, apparently not as good as compatibility with Lu Zhaoxi. A reporter who attended Ma and Lu Zhaoxi attended the press conference, Ma is responsible for vision, passion and strategy. Lu Zhaoxi is responsible for the interpretation of some operations, the statement very carefully, do not say no, the prediction will not predict.

Lu Zhaoxi has been single, living without gossip, easy-going, Lu Zhaoxi flat

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