Cake store location sharing

cake shop open where better? Many franchisees want to choose a suitable address, if you want to dig a good profit, the site can not be sloppy. The following is a summary of some of the small business location recommendations, I hope you can help.

cake shop is not a trifling matter, shop location selection is very important, as the saying goes: "to shop, location is the key." The location of the famous cake shop requirements bustling, the store to open in the urban areas of leisure walking street, business circles, office intensive areas, such as bustling areas, can be 80 square meters of two Bay store.

but for the store, the rent is too high downtown, so it is recommended to choose a more prosperous residential area, near the school, the rent is more affordable, the place is not too large, there are 30 to 50 square meters is enough. In the shop decoration, famous cake shop will arrange uniform decoration and design, like some of the headquarter will assist store store site selection, store decoration design and construction work.

for running the cake shop, all have their own to do, suggested the following points: name and sign in the decoration should be chosen in the bright picture gives the visual temptation, let more people see the pictures have a desire to buy.

cake store location is actually a more important aspect, no matter what way you need to pay attention to this shop. On the site if you have other questions can continue to leave a message, Xiao Bian will try to answer, I hope you can help the successful nuggets.

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