How to make your website have 23 Mandarin words

how to make your website have 23 languages, this problem is not difficult to solve, because… Look down, please.

we take [Poland] Chinese forum for example, because I visit the site of two mainly from Poland (Chinese) or domestic sources, access is very simple, in order to increase traffic, let people know to make the Polish Polish version forum, this is a great project, but also is the main problem of language. This time we should use Google language tools [webpage translation], enter the URL, the original language is "Chinese" translation language as "Polish", click on the translation. After a few seconds a Polish version of the website will appear in front of you. Translation content will change with the original, but the general awareness is clear. But GGAD Chinese became Polish advertising from advertising, advertising than the Polish Chinese expensive, but there is no English high.

post the translated Google link to your site to make foreign visitors clear.

Google web translation, there are 23 languages directly translated in the web site, very convenient for our lives in work, so I recommend overseas webmaster can choose, then I this way to attract local visits.

SHOW TIME: [Chinese Forum in Poland]

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