How can a newbie station do a movie station

is the first choice of a suitable film program, it is needless to say, there are, depending on personal preference.

is the second system decided the background, (if you are stolen someone else’s address would not read) mainstream now generally use the real helix server, and windows with WMS, using the most helix server website, the latest version is 11, can be downloaded in the real page, fill out the application access to the mailbox the trial version of LIC, the spread of the Internet many million users of LIC, Baidu can search. The use of helix server is much better looking for RM format source network, the BT download station provides basic is the movie in RM format. Helix server and WMS compared with the performance under windows is obviously low, the buffer is the biggest problem, often a single hardware environment rich will reach a certain number of buffer on demand, it is said that in the Linux platform is better. Also said that the stand-alone installation of multiple helix load method can increase the number of on-demand. (I tried this method, the actual effect is not obvious, and some people say it really works). If the trouble is recommended to use WMS to convert their own sources.

goes on to say, online play commonly used video rate, generally in the BT download after the film is not suitable for direct to the server for on-demand, the need for code reduction. The following in the real format as an example, if it is considering charging film, in general can be on the 450k rate control, if it is free movies, so can be compressed to 200K down the code I use is Easy RealMedia Producer, simple configuration, easy to use. Online play recommended the use of fixed rate (i.e., drop code for RM suffix) can reduce the client buffer, reducing code attention in several places, video mode it is better to use the sharp image option, the local watch must be used normal motion video, both compared to the latter obviously to clear, but we consider the online play. The former reduces the code, the film will be blurred when the action is fast, especially when the rate is lower, it is obvious to be fuzzy, but when the action is fast, it will not cause obvious blur. Play buffer and key spacing can be properly reduced, the right amount of screen size can play a clear role. Remember to add the error correction code and hook it up. Audio coding decreased in moderation. FPS is set at 22 up and down.

finally tell everyone is to do the chain work, this is the most important, you have the server can accommodate 200 people online, the others did not occupy half of the number of website hotlinking quite depressed. General front page program, that anti-theft chain method basically does not have much effect, like me rookie, do two, most can make actual address.

individuals really want to do a good movie station, the actual investment is better than

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