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can say that the promotion of the achievements of the degree of mother, but also ruined the degree of mother. Relying too much on competitive bidding, lying and earning money for a long time, will naturally lose the keen sense of the market. Don’t think a long time enterprises occupy a monopoly position in a sector began to play the gangster, Baidu the current situation is just a function similar to outwardly strong but inwardly weak, and close search products, the so-called monopoly has become a paper tiger.

is of course these are not simple sarcasm who, but want to let everyone from a product point of warning, if you consider the Internet products to achieve this point, then as an operator you think you have enough courage to continue to operate it, your firm optimistic about the future of the product also? Learn from the past, the characteristics of Internet rapid change has allowed us to clearly understand the product, only full of value and character to go long. Want to become an evergreen tree in the Internet, products are recognized by everyone, and some basic product thinking is still necessary.

A inertia is the poison of product development,

since ancient times, dynasties have changed from "Sheng" to "decline", and the product is even more so. It is easy to beat the mountain, but to defend the country is difficult. Want a product forever "red" go down, maintain innovation ability is a core factor. Take the most control of the current WeChat speaking, the depth of life for WeChat can be described as terrorist, and this depth has completely affected everyone’s choice and perspective. Now WeChat has been in the circle of friends in time to push advertising, just imagine if a product can be opened in such a high viscosity frequency environment, then the attention it brings is difficult to imagine. It can hardly be avoided between businesses sought after another, while WeChat know what at what time, when everyone is very optimistic about today, WeChat constantly improve their product form, from the video to red, then to the public, WeChat control, every step is very healthy. You can say that WeChat no other product before maturity impact? Obviously not, actually earlier than the formation of Fetion WeChat, but limited to the form and function of single, Fetion losing customers, and now no one remember there is such a crazy you use SMS tool. And all of this is obviously something for mom to learn.

B products must follow the hot

the mobile Internet outlet is strong, traditional products using the viscosity and frequency far than in previous years, in this environment and scratching head wondering how to "calculate" in the hands of the user, rather than to change the way. In fact, there are still many good products, such as know, library, paste it and so on. But because there is not a good traffic terminal in the mobile Internet outlet, so far the product’s progress is far behind other enterprises. This is a reason enough to warn you, lying on the laurels laurels after all is a development of the next move, even with monopoly power products, do not follow the era of innovation will eventually be phased out, now the mobile Internet.

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