How to write an excellent original

for a web site, the content is always the main factors ranking, but also the core of a web site SEO optimization in place! Is the so-called content is king, this word no matter at what time are useful, especially some high quality sites, it is need to have good original content, to improve website content quality and value of


original content mainly refers to the one hand, the best or never published content, this content is the most popular search engines. But to write a good original content is not a simple matter. We are writing original content at the same time, more of a people-oriented, rather than just blindly for the search engine to write, because we write out the content is mainly to show people.

1, keyword density


writes, keep the key words in mind and use them in the most appropriate places, but remember to avoid using words too much. Usually in an article 2 to 3 times the natural occurrence, the keyword is the most effective. We are often in the context of the center and to the selection and design for the design of content keywords! For example: we introduce a mobile phone brand in an article, but to "computer" as key words, this is not a wise choice.

2, diversify

keyword diversity in the article can help us website ranking and transformation. Because our users every time when searching is not exactly the same with keywords, timely change the keywords of the grammar and the use of different word order, but does not change the meaning of keywords, so that it can help our website in search of what types of visitors regardless of the search request can be found. In addition, the diversification of the overall content is also important, because such writing can avoid the rigid, repetitive and other search optimization methods that represent unprofessional.

3, originality

we should write our own original content whenever possible, because these original content is much more valuable than what everyone else has seen on the web. If the visitors can see on our website is the content of those contents they often see in the online case, would have no interest in what browse down, how will discover the advantages of our website to become a frequent visitor to our website? The search engine is even more so, the same content will only be abandoned by the search engine thus, our website ranking will be difficult to go on.

4, user experience,

when we write, we should use symbols and numbered lists as much as possible in the content. Because this can make our content more readable, so that readers can get the information at a glance, so that readers can quickly find what they need. In addition, we should add title and sub heading to the content of the website, which is also helpful

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