09 years grassroots Adsense must understand things

08 has passed, new year’s day after, grassroots Adsense continue to invest in the past work, continue to look for links as before, to check traffic, to update the site.

maybe part of the webmaster harvest in 08 years, from a just entered the rookie became a big bird, perhaps part of the webmaster is still in the ideal edge hovering, is still a rookie. 09 years, of course, birds can fly higher and fly farther. How do rookies become big birds in this year? That’s all.

action is more than anything. Don’t be the "naked"

of thoughtMany novice

have seen a lot of previous articles, website localization, website operation, website profit, viral marketing, three matrix principle, after the blood boiling, thought to find the truth, however, these things are done after the summary, many birds began to do before your site to the future is unknown, but they dare to try, dare to practice, maybe they do not know their own use of the three matrix principle, just after the success, happened to see someone about three matrix principle, just understand, oh, is my original three matrix principle, for the grassroots webmaster, success is inevitable for a few people, but failure is inevitable for many people. Only dare to practice, practice good talent will make success. So, don’t think too much, action is greater than all, want to do what to do, you can, and work for a period of time, looking back at the road, to see their achievements, accomplishments may surprise yourself.

pays attention to everyday learning,


technology is not the mainstream, but still must master a technology, less in the QQ chat, latent heart to learn a practical technology, not just in the QQ group at encounter problems, "which help me to do a LOGO"…… No one likes to make friends with lazy people. The most important shortcoming of a station owner is laziness. Many people prefer to spend an hour looking for help everywhere, but they don’t want to spend half an hour on their own to solve the problem. We can’t guarantee an increase in daily traffic, but we can make ourselves a little better every day.

network has "risk", into the "city" to be cautious,

The traditional

industry will have 20% people to succeed, and business owners successful people have only 4% or so, many novice the webmaster industry look too sacred, in fact the webmaster is just "mental gold", the bitterness of stationmaster into "city" only true friend can realize, owners usually only eat two meals rice, Adsense is usually the middle of the night to sleep, get up at noon, stationmaster usually with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. Stationmaster is often desperate to persist. Between the stationmaster competition, the most important is not the competition of technology and mind, two is the competition of perseverance, the person with persistence can become the final winner.


site is no more important than the body and family,

many webmaster friends are "two ears don’t hear relatives and friends sound", hands long stop keyboard room, use body to hard >

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