Analysis of several reasons for reducing website traffic

I haven’t had much of it, perhaps in my emotional development. Other things to care of the East, ignoring the consequences; have been friends for taking care of it, friends can be said to be meticulous, his perseverance and the regularity of the very few people can do that. But less than this time flow, I checked my statistics site background, included is increased a lot, but a lot of keywords ranking dropped or not, the website content is the opera mp3 download, MP3 dialect, country funny MP3, mobile phone ringtones, and later extended part of the radio drama MP3 and sound novel mp3. Drama is a big head, lost it, lost the lord. ) must be periodic and even connected, doing weird.

site traffic has a periodic, periodic ranking its periodic source with Baidu Google and other search engines. Search engines consider humane, not to throw the helve after the hatchet a station long arrangement in the first position or the top, if so, the station server down out of business or not, the impact will be the N browsing, for a long time, and is their own. Of course, if the site itself has enough history, gave Baidu trust enough time to witness everything, a few years like a day to provide stable visitors want, then this is as a long-term arrangement in front to provide the conditions. Good things, who are not clear! Also insisted on this aspect, has still stood in the rain after exposed to wind and rain, is the essence.

outside the chain is an important issue, a good link is equal to an important person to vote for you, and life is the same reason. Analysis of problems with the limit, most likely to reflect on the wrong things, if the prime minister praised a person is good, the effect of a bully and praise you are a good man in the crowd that the effect of the gap is obvious, as a very high quality inbound links to your site and, a dumpster to link to you is the same reason. Link quality station, deleting bad, ranking and traffic can resume soon or improve, of course, many things are complementary to each other, if not the condition is not good, and you establish a link.

finally said, I stood pr=4, 2 years of operation, all normal, do mobile phone ringtones and opera, dialect words. Want to shut the address I can add qq:38541065 website with Links is: relevant data check can be.

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