How to choose excellent DC service providers to stop flicker fraud

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into the station also not to the year, but during this period experienced all the hitherto unknown Internet Storm, it is sanshengyouxing "". Small station is about the underwear industry portal, inevitably some of the so-called vulgar pictures, after all, about underwear, three point style picture mostly, in the storm was also harmonious. Ha ha, pull far, today I don’t want to discuss the Yellow sweep these things, and many predecessors also issued their views. Today I talk about my choice of site space in this year some of the experience to share with you:

often in the community forum shopping, always want to have their own forum, an accidental opportunity, at a forum on the forum program saw a IDC ad, said is a special space phpwind forum system, free installation of the forum system, go in, you can also feel. Only 600 yuan or 800M double space, with the web technology QQ, very enthusiastic. In his talk, muddleheaded bought. Forum finally do it, and soon, the site often service unable, technology began to flicker, saying that your site is now upgraded, or often this situation, it is best to buy an independent server. I halo me, my site a few IP a day. Because at that time did not understand, they in the flicker, upgrade to the so-called 15 flat-share server (later I checked with IP, I have 63 sites, I also contacted the webmaster, probably know subdir bound, the so-called 15 flat-share are false. The biggest scam was not this, but what they called "buy two years, send one year," and I took them for granted. In fact, a beginner like me doesn’t need to buy two years. This is actually their trick. There is a headache what they called a double, in fact Netcom line card to death, my local is Netcom, telecom or even on the IP line quickly (because Netcom line card, so I changed the host file IP is directed to the telecommunication line). At the beginning of the December, the website was suddenly closed, no mail, no phone. There aren’t any. Today, the website space is still sealed, I think, anyway, your space always returns to me, even if I do a network hard disk.

after this, I chose a flat-share type IDC, really, this IDC indeed can still, maybe I have too many website underwear pictures, or be blocked, but the IDC told me that the website space can continue to use, must change the content and domain name. I changed the domain name and content, the normal open space. Here, the flat-share IDC is to support monthly, I bought two months.

so, after all this time, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I know the website transfer, data backup, data recovery and so on. If I don’t encounter this storm, I think I should wait at least some days to learn these. The site is also from the previous single forum to the present

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