Web design analysis why is it so obvious that users can’t see it


as an application, we often hear users at usability testing and say, "Oh, I didn’t pay attention to it."

after an operation, the page pops up a dialog box to inform the user that the operation is successful, the feedback is obvious enough, the user said: "ah, how did not respond?"

, a common operating portal designed for user convenience, distinguishes between simple vision and background. The user or a redundant operation, and asked: "ah, I did not pay attention to ah, this can be written directly to the original!"


, a new feature is on the line. A new module has been added to the home page navigation. Is it big enough? The user says, "Oh, I didn’t see any changes."."


every time I hear something like this, designers are going crazy: why? Why is the design so obvious? Why don’t users see it?

to find the answer, we can recall our own playing "everyone to leave" experience.


such a figure, most people’s first glance must be concentrated in these three parts: face, chest, hips, and next may be legs, hands. But in finding fault in different walls, often appear in the background of no great importance. The difficulty in finding fault, people will "uncontrolled" attention to some important things, and other information about the blind".


The human eye is not

scanner, it through the millions of years of evolution, has quickly capture important information skills, not to "spot" or "find entrance".

"capturing important information quickly" means turning a blind eye to other information". It is "turn a blind eye" that allows us to invest our limited resources in important information.

What is the important information about

? From an evolutionary psychological point of view, information related to survival and reproduction is important information, such as beauty. The human eye, which has evolved over hundreds of millions of years, can quickly see this information, even to a level beyond its control. Compared with beauty, nuances of a function of the entrance or in finding fault game, it is of no great importance.

of people, what kind of information is important, will make people "out of control" to pay attention to it? We know that the law of the people’s attention, you can use it to attract attention, so that the design is no longer "blind", let the user is no longer hard to find fault".

"uncontrolled" pay attention to what? – dangerous, movement, novel, and different backgrounds, with the basic physiological needs. "

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