Site was Baidu k after re included skills

Baidu has finally started my site included in the article page, nearly two months to Baidu is always included a page I, and included K, K and reincluding, don’t know what to do on my Baidu website, so that I could not bear it, published a paper in stationmaster net there is murmured, out of breath, gas to gas, also have to find ways to get more included.

but tonight I re query my website included, the site was finally included in the 6 page of Baidu, and finally spent Baidu’s inspection period. So can not help but want to take out the results and the small station to share, especially those Baidu has not included, or included only the home page of the webmaster, maybe read my article will help.

sum up my work today, I have done the following:

one, last night at 11, I once in Webmaster online published a soft text. Today I in the online query and soft to be a lot of websites are of course, including my website links, these articles are very good publicity for me on my website, I enter the in Baidu, I found the reverse link already exists in these articles link.

two, adding a number of original articles, before the station early, in order to enrich the contents of the site, a lot of content is excerpt from the Internet, there has been no change, so Baidu may feel after my site is a garbage station, so there is no continue collection. Yesterday, I added a lot of original article, there is a premonition, today Baidu included to update, although come late, but still not out of my surprise.

three, with the original things, but also to Baidu spider re visit is not easy. At this time, I bought two high quality external links, Baidu updated quickly that there is an automatic link station,, according to my observation of the automatic link station, Baidu update very quickly, almost every hour to visit Baidu, so I was in the Baidu spider crawling most frequently, at 12 and 6 pm to click on this station, make my site to row on the home page of this website, Baidu spider successfully found my site.

At the beginning of four,

website, home advertising should not be too much, "JS Baidu hate is too many calls, so today I put ads home JS removed, leaving only two, next to logo I think website today included in this work also played a certain effect.

five, on its website Links plus Baidu Links, Baidu to take the initiative, so that Baidu will give you a reciprocity.

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