Mount Huangshan SEO the success of learning for a long time

I am ashamed to say that since June this year, contact SEO industry since many celebrities like SEO, no matter what others say or technical school Zhanpai or even reviled by others flicker or I know few. Plus today I know for a long time, a total of two. One is our master. The other one is for a long time. Meanwhile, on the senior website, I saw comments about the two of them. The typical two kinds of people, I do not comment on the occasion (fear of creating abuse), ha ha.

coincidentally, in Mount Huangshan, Mount Huangshan, behind SEO, Jing Jia network is just his students, but also wrote the article that must go beyond me. That’s worth it. In fact, in the word "SEO" in Mount Huangshan, competitiveness is much lower than other words. The reason why Jing Jia was able to get the top of the mountain was that he did not compete with him. I’ve always thought that when everyone knew about SEO, then SEO would no longer be what people are talking about now. I think in the future competition, more is a kind of thought collision, or called battle. I said in a communication with the master, this can be likened to The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Zhao Min in Wudang Mountains when Zhang Wuji scored as Zoroastrianism, disguised as a child plaster mixed in the crowd, then blew in after the identity of Professor Zhang Sanfeng’s new martial arts, asked Zhang Wuji, you remember a few, he first said to remember most of the time, second said forget most of the third said, remember the small part, finally forget all. At last the invisible visible, beat Adaa two. In fact, I would like to say here, as itself, SEO is not particularly difficult technology. The point of knowledge is those, and more is how to use the knowledge of the future to translate it into your mind, such as the key distribution we call, the arrangement of the long tail. This is not taught as a skill. At the same time as the SEO so the breadth of the industry, technology is always out of date, and once mastered, can remain unchanged.

turning back, I read the autobiography for a long time, my first reaction is where I met, after careful study, I found that this is not successful learning?. A lot of voices are very similar. The article said he changed from small to large, and the process of starting his business, I read, he felt concentrated in two points: environment and connections. He owed his success to these two things, and of course there was an episode where two pretty girls inspired him. I’ve also seen a lot of people’s autobiography, including Chen Anzhi himself, all about how you’ve been before, if you’ve made a lot of effort. Don’t comment on a writing accuracy of this model, I think for a long time you want to become the SEO industry is the character of words, you should not go to imitate, SEO you need to innovate, and as such a public figure you in what you do with GOG comments also have innovation? Saying: the stars old fairy, fairies, method of driving the Central Plains boundless supernatural power. Oh, in some sense, just right.

I haven’t had a long training session, so I’ve just seen a lot of views on him

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