The stock losses and started the website again

in 2005, the Chinese bull market started, watching so many people around the stock market in the large amount of money into their pockets, can not help but itch. Finally in the last year to reach the market, then I still read three, or back home secretly stocks, telephone, mobile phone to read the tape, wanted to make a rash and too much in haste to give money, but was soon caught entering the 530 crash, then a week after his 5000 dollars, usually only 3000, love the flesh, from the stock market at a distance.

college entrance examination after the end of the summer vacation, super boring, and then into the stock market gold rush, beginners in any place have to pay tuition, and then paid 1000 dollars, tuition again reluctantly leave. I thought I would never step into this man’s place again,.

stock I have always been very love, there are a few stocks stand their own hands, delving into the stock time than many websites, but I do not know why not to earn money, I like this may have serious psychological gamblers classmates born not suitable for stocks.


boring summer, but university life more boring. I have a room in the Internet, a customer buy advertising after I said to me, the advertising is tired, a position of advertisement of a month to a few hundred dollars each week, stock as long as you earn a few percentage points the money there. He claimed to be an institutional trader, the stock market in his hands as if he is open, he claimed to do so many years since the stock never consider stop, because he never lost that year. Have tens of millions of money for those large trader. He said that if I’d be willing to help me provide free stock. He speaks with confidence that I thought a powerful and unconstrained style, stupefied, and lit the stock feelings in my heart, immediately drew 10 thousand dollars into account and provide him in second days to buy stocks, only to get good luck, go after large disc bursts In the fall, the banker also quilt day, I again 4 days loss of 2500 (my method of operation is also a problem, because we cannot take a computer, the operation is not convenient, I resort) in a timely manner, or more.


although the result is so, but I did not blame my master, because I talked with him in the process, he let me know, to be a man, should through their own efforts to make the family happy, let the girlfriend happy.

is now the stock market or the ups and downs, but I had short positions on the sidelines. Three times into the city made me understand that money is not so easy. Or do their own website to learn your professional is the most important. Recall that a few days to buy shares, the website had not been updated in a week later, after losing money. It found that the site is so warm, the stock is full of risk, the website is really no risk. This semester I soon made a stock learning station (, while learning the stock side website, waiting for one day I will be in the stock market a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of.

wrote here, and I remembered the master’s book

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