Using UCenter Home to build SNS sites is hard to succeed

with UCenter Home station more than half a year, and the more forward, the more likely to feel successful. With these six months of experience in using UCH, I would like to write about my feelings. I’ve come to the conclusion that it may be difficult for you to achieve success or achieve your goals.

nothing is absolutely right. If you are in such a situation, you can still try UCH: 1. is just for fun, without any real meaning or purpose. For example, just a student, in order to feel, practice. 2. master reliable user resources. That is, dozens or hundreds of active users are waiting for you to build SNS, easily getting the first active users. 3., have their own technical skills to write plug-ins, change programs or pages. Write your own plug-in to meet their specific needs, modify the program or page, make the website more suitable for their own requirements, to feel out of everyone’s "Powered by UCenter Home" (non surface modify rights means).


first used UCenter Home gave me a feeling of shock, actually there have been people will SNS to do so carefully and mature (that is 1.2bata), now use the first half of the year, that most users will feel the following questions:


one. Serious homogenization. This is a set for all webmaster open source program, who downloaded the installed can be used, so the result is that all the UCH web site "long is the same", nothing more than color and graphics change. It’s just hard for users to be interested in, the first visit to the site without freshness, no desire to register into, and no patience to read the content. As I’ve seen so many websites recently, I really feel queasy when I see the UCH interface. In addition, because the program is for all webmasters, for all walks of life website, so the product design perspective is to meet the vast majority of Web site demand, is a big intersection. So for this stage of Internet creativity and individuality it is contrary to the trend, that is to say the UCH is very difficult to make a very personal website, just like my house next door sister, saw black foreigners feel long as


two.UE/UI is lacking. When I wrote this, I suddenly felt that I was demanding too much of UCH, but it was a very serious problem. SNS website, Facebook is big brother, the school is the domestic big brother, is COPY people Facebook, UCH product design is also. But UE/UI apparently did not learn, user registration came after the first feeling is very chaotic, in the personal interface too many categories of information are stacked together, and logs, photos, topic, mini blog, who become friends, who comments what, who invited who and who who stepped on the log, the sidebar and people to greet you, with your friends, to reward to participate in. See >

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