Zhou Qiao’s integrated marketing of game media

"webmaster" magazine and the Anhui Internet Union, CO sponsored by thousands of webmaster lectures have been to the twenty-fifth phase, this issue for everyone to come Zhou Qiao. 52pk game network is China leading online game media currently belongs to the media’s pole, last year won the Gold Award for "best game animation Ling network media". Zhou Qiao, 52PK CEO, has extensive experience in gaming products, marketing operations and gaming media platforms. Especially for the webmaster game website industry has a deeper understanding and research. The main lecture group, broadcast group, broadcast group (1500 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new four group: 27915544 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

bridge: Hello, webmaster. Hello, I’m Zhou Qiao from 52PK. I like many webmaster friends, but also from the grassroots from business, the main share of my game media integrated marketing understanding over the past eight years, we learn together to welcome or want to engage in the game has been engaged in website development and I exchange station.

let’s start with the media. What is the media? The media. In ancient times, everyone must have a clear idea of what it means. It’s the medium of marriage. So far, the content of "media" is also rich. Generally speaking, it can be called "information and communication" intermediary. And media is the platform of information intermediary.

we know that for a successful matchmaker, she can rely on abundant experience, research, analysis, negotiation, will not know the men and women together to meet, come to a successful issue. This is one of the simplest forms of integrated marketing. Here are some of the most integrated marketing styles and ways of game media:

1. Advertising and Resource Recommendation integration

The integration of

advertising and Resource Recommendation is one of the major business models of game media. Different from the traditional monthly advertising, the advertising media and Resource Recommendation is adopted in the form of scheduling.

scheduling refers to the placement of the site’s advertising locations, resources, recommended location, in accordance with the form of time listed EXCEL form of scheduling. Of course, you also need to provide accurate screenshot reports, advertising and resource recommendation, effectiveness evaluation, advertising analysis and advertising and recommend marketing strategy improvement suggestions.

For example, a

game in April XXX million advertising on 52PK, so we need publicity according to the characteristics of this game are analyzed, and manufacturers to communicate, design in April at different time in different position of the advertising schedule and Resource Recommendation schedule. This is a typical form of integrated marketing of station resources. 52PK treat every customer will seriously analysis and research, for game customers to develop reasonable and effective advertising and resource recommended schedule. The customer obviously doesn’t know much about your site resources and user profiles, and the advantage of doing so is >

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